About Us

Franklin Memorial Baptist Church had a Biblical beginning. The church started as a mission church of Chamblissburg Baptist in Chamblissburg, Virginia. Rev. John Riggs who was the pastor of Chamblissburg Baptist Church then, resigned to organize and become the first pastor of this new mission work. The church was organized on September 14, 1975 with 36 members joining the church. Through the years the church has experienced steady growth. Two building projects were started and completed under John Riggs ministry. John served as the pastor for 20 years. John retired in January of 1995 and stayed on as an interim pastor until a new pastor could be found. On October 1, 1995, Rev. Jeff Richards became the pastor of the church. The church as continued to grow with several remodeling projects and the acquisition of additional land. The church presently supports 31 missionaries and or agencies around the world.

A Church with a Message

We are an independent fundamental Baptist church.  Do these words cause you to pause.  They are clear and concise words that clearly define who we are.  If we go back deep into our American Christian heritage these words independent and fundamental would describe most of the churches in America.


An Independent church means that we are not associated with any national denomination and that we do not answer to any governing body.  Our church is completely autonomous from any other church and organization.  This means that our church answers to no one except God and its membership.  With this autonomy we are free to minister in a way that is described in the Word of God.  We are free to minister God’s word to your family.  By the way that the true function of the church to minister the Word of God.


A Fundamental church describes what we believe.  Many fearful minded people have now a nature antipathy to this word.  The media has sold the idea to the American public that the word fundamental means something bad.  The truth is it describes what we believe and what most Christians use to believe.


We believe that the following fundamental truths. 1) The deity and virgin birth of Christ.  2) The true gospel message is defined by what Jesus Christ did on the cross, His physical death, His burial and His resurrection.  There is no other way to heaven except through the belief in the Gospel.  3) Christ resurrection guarantees the church a pretribulational return of Christ for his church, followed by Christ Second Coming at which time he will set up His millennial kingdom.  At the end of the Kingdom age he will create a new heaven and new earth. 4) God is one God that exists in three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  5) We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.  It is inerrant and infallible.  The Word of God is the final authority for faith and practice.  The Word of God should be taken literally.  6) Man is sinful and is completely unable to be saved apart from the shed blood of Christ at Calvary.  7) Our God directly created the world in six literal days he also created heaven and hell.  Heaven will be the abode of the redeemed.  Hell will be the abode of the rejecters of the Gospel.


Our message to you is this, if you are looking for a church that believes the Word of God is to be believed and trusted.  You want a church that can minister to your whole family by honoring God’s word.  If you like traditional music which honors God and not contemporary writers and their lyrics this the church for you.  Please come visit us this Sunday.

A Church With Music

Good music enhances the worship service.  Music makes the heart merry and at Franklin Memorial Baptist Church we have good quality music.  The Choir is lead by Jim Pagans, who helps prepare special music for the church family through not only choir specials but also for congregational song worship. Jill Maddy, Mary Beth Dudley and many others provide excellent musical accompaniment.   The Church provides traditional Christian Music with God honoring hymns of the faith.